Experience the Fuel-Efficient Nissan Leaf

Nissan first introduced the LEAF as a fully electric car in 2011. Since then it has become one of the most popular electric vehicles on the market for several reasons. The first is that Nissan has improved the technology, range, and charging systems over the years.

There are several convenient ways to charge your Nissan. If you are out on the road and need a charge, you can find a charging station and do a quick 30-minute charge. This gives you a range of about 90 miles. A full charge takes about 35 hours, but you can use a regular wall outlet for this trickle charge method. This will get you about 150 miles. Operating the vehicle in eco-mode can extend the life of a charge significantly under normal driving conditions.

It is time to experience the next generation of vehicles. Stop by Weston Nissan and test drive a new Nissan LEAF today.



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