Explore the New Nissan Maxima's Performance Features

The Nissan Maxima is one of the latest re-engineered sedans that has received a lot of praise for its performance. For one, Nissan has pulled out all the stops to create a sedan that’s truly powerful even with the standard base trim. In addition, the sporty new Maxima has a powerful V6 engine at base that accelerates effortlessly.

The all new Maxima comes with a 300-horsepower engine at base and a CVT, which is a continuously variable transmission. This helps the vehicle give you power and fuel efficiency. You can expect to get 30 mpg on the highway with the 2018 version. On the road in Davie, you’ll find driving the Maxima to be as fun as a turbocharged engine, and if you want that kind of power, you can always upgrade.

With sold braking and smooth handling, the Maxima is a sporty sedan that takes on any road at an affordable price. See why we like the Maxima so much by taking a test drive at Weston Nissan. We can’t wait to see you drive home happy.



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