How Do Extreme Temperatures Affect Car Batteries?

The extreme hot and cold weather conditions can cause the battery fluids to freeze or evaporate, leaving you with a battery that will not start your vehicle. Here is a simple way to test the car battery.

All you need is a voltmeter, safety goggles, wire brush, and the following guide. Turn the car light off, make sure the car isn't running either. If the battery terminals have signs of corrosion, clean them with your wire brush. The voltmeter has two cables, one will be red and is connected to the positive end of the car battery first. Next, the black voltmeter cable goes on the negative end of the battery. Looking carefully at the gauge of the voltmeter, if the needle is at or above the 12.4 mark, the battery is fine. You should be concerned when the reading falls below the 12.2 mark.

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