What Causes the Tire Pressure Light to Come on in the Car?

If the tire pressure indicators are showing a drop in pressure, it is important to know what the potential causes could be. The team at Weston Nissan wants to help inform our friends as to what to be on the lookout for if this occurs.

One of the most common issues of the tire pressure dropping in all the tires is when the air temperature drops by ten degrees. Another cause could be the fact air is simply naturally escaping from the tires at a pound a month.

Reasons to be concerned with a blowout in the tire are when one pressure indicator sees a drop in pressure. This could be an obstruction in the tread causing a leak, or the cracks and bulges in the tire have caused a leak.

Bringing the car on routine tire rotation appointments at Weston Nissan will help reduce the chances of a tire going down.



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