Choosing Between a Front and Rear-Wheel Drive Vehicle

Whether you're looking for high performance in a car or great gas mileage, you'll want to consider the differences between and front- and rear-wheel drive vehicle. At Weston Nissan, we'll answer any of your questions about your options so that you can make an informed decision.

Front-wheel drive vehicles are exceptional in all types of weather and outperform rear-rear drive vehicles in snow and rain when traction is an issue. Because the engine and transmission are closely connected, they are less expensive to make and are lighter. This leads to better gas mileage. Since the front wheels are responsible for propelling the car and steering it at the same time, driving performance tends to be lower.

We're happy to help you determine which type of vehicle would be best for you. To find out more, visit our showroom in Davie, FL today.

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