Anything boasting advanced technology garners interest from consumers. The automotive world is not excluded. Tech trends touch it as well. With the compact Kicks SUV, Nissan delivered a unique high-tech model to the market. Nissan's "Intelligent Mobility" tech features genuinely enhance the SUV's ride.

Drivers do feel nervous about backing out of a parking space. No matter how careful you are, another driver might drive recklessly. With the Nissan Kicks' "Rear Cross Traffic Alert," drivers gain an assist when backing out. The alert can send an alert about cars it detects.

Blind spots also create annoying, high-stress driving situations. A unique "Blind Spot Warning" intends to help a driver changing lanes. Has another vehicle drifted into a hiding spot? The alert might help a driver discover the situation.

The high-tech features come alive when a driver takes the Nissan Kicks out on the road for a test drive. Choose one from our showroom at Weston Nissan in Davie and try it out on the road.



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