Why You Should Get an SUV

You have driven sedans and liked them. Lately, though, you're more interested in SUVs. If you're looking for reasons why you should get an SUV, here's a few to get to started.

  • SUVs are better off-road than other vehicles. They often offer better clearance, beefy suspension, transmissions, and differentials meant to enhance performance off-road. These work along the way to improving the performance of a car off-road.
  • SUVs can handle towing. If you have a hobby that may necessitate lugging large loads, an SUV can be great. Many offer impressive towing capability comparable to trucks. Some even include trailer sway control options. Additionally, they have a larger carrying capacity making it possible to travel with your loved ones plus your tow.

When you feel ready to take the SUV plunge, get in touch with Weston Nissan in Davie, FL. Our inventory of new cars has a great selection that we'd love to show you.

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