Deliver Your Food Safely This Holiday Season

Good food is not only a source of nutritional value, but also a source of cheer to any gathering celebrating the holidays. Carrying your food items to your destination, however, may pose some challenges. Spillages, loss of heat; it's easy for a delicious treat to turn into a terrible mess.

Use the following tips as you drive with food for your holidays:

Towel and newspaper insulation.Wrap your food containers with towels, newspapers, or any heavy cotton fabric before heading out on the road. This will help secure them in place and maintain the heat and quality of your meal.

Airtight sealed containers. Get travel-friendly containers that not only minimize spillage during travel but also maintain food’s temperature.

Use of cardboard packaging. Secure movement of food tins and containers by placing them in an enclosed cardboard. You can additionally secure your food with a seatbelt to ensure safety even when negotiating a corner.

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