Keep Your Car Happy & Healthy This Winter With A Full Tank Of Gas

While having a full tank of gas can be beneficial for many reasons, in the winter having a full tank of gas can be especially important for a car’s fuel line. Some car blogs have pushed the idea that running a car on less than a half a tank of gas is good for fuel efficiency. Not only is this advice not based on any known accurate data, this advice can be especially dangerous for a car in the winter months.

Because condensation can build up in the gas tank in the colder months if it is near empty this water can freeze and cause problems starting and cause gas lines to freeze. In fact, this is one of the reasons that many auto supply companies manufacture what is known as “Dry Gas”. In winter months cars are especially prone to potential condensation and freezing in the evening and overnight hours when the temperature drops. As the car sits water has a greater opportunity to build up and freeze. To avoid this we recommend that all drivers keep their gas tanks as full as possible during the winter months to protect their gas lines from freezing.

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