Leaf EV Takes On Cannonball Run

What was once a dangerous coast-to-coast car race is nothing like it was in the 1970's. In fact, Cannonball Run is headed overseas. And the Nissan Leaf, for one, is taking part in the revival of this classic street race.

These day's, the Run is a charity event, with sponsors and the opportunity to "raise money for Barretstown Camp, which caters to children with cancer and other serious illnesses."1

The EV Leaf is sponsored by ESB Ecars in Ireland this year. ESB hope to prove its electric car is a 'viable alternative' for short and long-distance travel. Those at Weston Nissan, located at 3650 Weston Road in Davie, Florida, would also like you to believe this. The Leaf EV is the first electric car to enter Cannonball Run.

Leaf will keep its batteries charged thanks to existing charge points along the 600-plus mile course. The car will likely use fast-charging and conventional charging stations. This specific Leaf can keep up to almost a 100 mile charge before needing each refills.

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